ICCAs in Burkina: NATUDEV takes stock

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Based on bibliographic research and field surveys, the number of ICCAs in Burkina Faso was estimated at fifty-three thousand four hundred and twelve (53,412) in 2017. 99% of them are made up of all sacred groves (53,412 sites), 0.18% of sacred ponds (99 sites), 0.14% of community pastoral spaces (77 sites), 0.13% of Zovic (68 sites) and 0.08% of village forests (43 sites).

The total area of ​​the ICCAs listed is 717,847 ha, or 02.62% of the national territory. It varies between 0.20 ha (sacred wood) and 95,000 ha (pasture area).

Seventy-seven (77) species of wild fauna have been inventoried in the ICCAs of Burkina Faso. The sacred ponds are home to iconic reptile and fish species such as crocodiles, catfish and carps. In the field of flora, the ICCAs of Burkina Faso are home to at least 516 species (trees, shrubs, grasses), including rare or endangered species according to the IUCN Red List, species protected according to national legislation and species that are only found in ICCAs (SANOU, 2013; SAWADOGO, 2013; KABORE, 2010; NATUDEV, Surveys, 2017).