How do we work?

NATUDEV works on the basis of an organization on the one hand, based on two decision-making bodies functional (the General Assembly and the Board of Directors) and, on the other hand, on a young operational technical team and multidisciplinary, made up of Burkinabè.

The General Assembly, which brings together all the members of the Association once a year, defines the rules governing its organization and its operation. It decides on the main directions and adopts the Plan

Action Plan and the Manual of Accounting and Administrative Procedures.

Specific plans are drawn up for the main components (beekeeping, butter, communication, platform, etc.).

An external accounting and organizational audit of the whole Association is carried out every year.

The Board of Directors meets every 6 months to take the necessary decisions to strengthen the Association, to achieving the objectives of the Action Plan and comply with regulatory texts .

Technical team: It is made up of a staff employee divided into four skill levels:

a. Managers (design agents: technical assistants, administrative and financial manager, communications manager)

b. Specialized technicians (beekeeping technician)

c. Support Agents (local animator, driver)

Commercial Agents supporting promotion and the disposal of non-wood forest products processed by producers supported by NATUDEV.