Who are we ?

Founded in 2014, the Nature and Development Association (NATUDEV) is a non-profit association under Burkinabe law, whose general objective is to contribute to positive interactions between conservation of resources natural resources and the development of local communities. 

NATUDEV currently operates in the South central, West Central, East and Sahel regions. Localities bordering national protected areas constitute its priority areas of action. 

Thus, it is active in the peripheries of the complex WAP in the East (W, Arly and Pendjari parks) and the PONASI complex in the South central (Po park, Nazinga ranch, Sissili forest). 

The Association is present in other regions of Burkina Faso in support of local communities in the conservation of their natural sites and the promotion of the green economy. 

NATUDEV is a member of the IUCN (International Union for Nature Conservation) and member of the APAC World Consortium.

What is our vision?

NATUDEV aims to promote harmonious links between nature conservation and development local. This requires the increased participation of all stakeholders in conservation efforts and the sharing of benefits from the development of natural resources.

What results are we looking for?

Preserved wildlife and forest resources;

Wildlife and forest resources valued more sustainably;

And more effectively by andfor local people.

What are our intervention principles ?

  • The Empowerment of Actors local;

    The partnership;

    Sustainability and Equity approaches and activities;

    The main internal governance and empowerment of NATUDEV.