Category: Protected areas

Responding to threats to protected areas and ICCAs

The customary village authorities are the main actors in the governance and management of ICCAs and protected areas in Burkina Faso. They are directly involved in almost all cases (sacred woods) and indirectly through their positioning in positions of responsibility within formal structures such as village management committees, village groups, associations, decentralization bodies. Threat However,

Conservation of protected areas: NATUDEV makes it its workhorse

One of NATUDEV’s privileged areas remains the conservation of protected areas. NATUDEV’s actions concern the main categories of protected areas that Burkina Faso has, namely national parks, wildlife reserves, hunting concessions, game ranches, classified forests. NATUDEV contributes to the conservation of protected areas through the improvement of relations between neighboring communities and state administrations in

Conservation of protected areas: NATUDEV advocates the increased participation of local residents

NATUDEV is active in the field of conservation of protected areas. She is convinced that the conservation of protected areas cannot be done without the participation of communities at the grassroots. This is why it has focused on developing the skills of local residents. NATUDEV helps them to form locally and legally recognized organizations, initiates