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Promotion of NTFPs: an effective means of conservation-local development integration

Non-timber forest products (NTFPs) are products of trees and shrubs except wood. So these are fruits, leaves, bark, etc. NTFPs benefiting from NATUDEV support initiatives are those that the populations it supports intend to promote in the long term. The promotion of NTFPs is justified by their function as alternative sources of food and income

Without trees, no bees, and human life will be compromised, faith of Abdoul Razack BOULIOU

NATUDEV conducted an interview with one of its partner beekeepers in the person of Abdoul Razack BOULIOU, from the village of Tiakané (commune of Po) in the province of Nahouri. He is a beekeeper satisfied with his activity and especially with the support of NATUDEV that we met. On the menu of this interview: the