Conservation of protected areas: NATUDEV makes it its workhorse

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Category : Protected areas

One of NATUDEV’s privileged areas remains the conservation of protected areas. NATUDEV’s actions concern the main categories of protected areas that Burkina Faso has, namely national parks, wildlife reserves, hunting concessions, game ranches, classified forests.

NATUDEV contributes to the conservation of protected areas through the improvement of relations between neighboring communities and state administrations in the sense of an increased place for populations in decision-making, conservation actions and access to natural resources and the benefits arising from their operation.

It supports the negotiation process of agreements (formal and informal) of collaboration between these actors (signature of agreements for sharing responsibilities and benefits, recognition of user rights), transfer of skills to the benefit of communities and villages, awareness and training sessions for protected areas and communities (knowledge of legislation, concerns of the different parties, etc.).