Conservation of protected areas: NATUDEV advocates the increased participation of local residents

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Category : Protected areas

NATUDEV is active in the field of conservation of protected areas. She is convinced that the conservation of protected areas cannot be done without the participation of communities at the grassroots. This is why it has focused on developing the skills of local residents. NATUDEV helps them to form locally and legally recognized organizations, initiates training, exchange visits with them and technically assists them in carrying out their activities. By way of example, it has contributed, with its partners, to improving the capacities of municipal and village actors in the municipalities of Po and Guiaro for an increased role in the governance and management of the PONASI complex through a coherent whole activities, namely:

* General meetings of the villages bordering the wildlife migration corridor between the Po National Park and the Nazinga Game Ranch within the Pô-Nazinga-Sissili protected area complex (PONASI) in the South-Central Region of Burkina Faso (Nahouri Province)

* Holding of municipal sessions of Guiaro and Po on the legal recognition of said corridor

* Constitution of village associations and an inter-village association for the management of said corridor around its periphery

* Floristic and fauna inventory of corridor 1 of PONASI

* Ten master’s theses on the said corridor and its periphery (in sociology, geography, agronomy, plant biology, economics)

* A report from a Water and Forest Inspector on the said corridor

* A participatory development and management plan with an Environmental and Social Impact Notice (PAGEP / NIES) for the corridor (writing in progress on 07/01/2020)

* Reshaping of the perimeter track of said corridor

* Fixing of indicative and awareness panels around the said corridor

The NGOs Man and Nature and ULB-Cooperation, the PPI Program of the IUCN-French Committee, the Joseph KI-ZERBO University and the Free University of Brussels are the main partners in this progress.